Windows error 0x00000122, 290

Detailed Error Information


This is a Blue Screen of Death stop code. More information is available in the Knowledge Base article Bug Check 0x122: WHEA_INTERNAL_ERROR.

HRESULT analysis[2]

This is probably not the correct interpretation of this error. The Win32 error above is more likely to indicate the actual problem.

This code indicates success, rather than an error. This may not be the correct interpretation of this code, or possibly the program is handling errors incorrectly.

Reserved (R)false
Reserved (X)false
FacilityCode0 (0x000)
DescriptionThe default facility code.[2][3]
Error Code290 (0x0122)

Possible solutions


Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000003d


The best approach to find the cause of the problem depends on whether you are still developing and have the code or whether this is a crash report from iTunes.

While there is a detailed Apple doc on the ARM registers here it does not really help to locate the problem.

If you have the code and you are still developing I would suggest you need to put NSLogs in the code and/or do some debugging.

If it's a crash report from iTunes the best is to follow Apple's guide on crash report here

This is the main idea as described by Apple:

If you get crash logs off a device through Xcode's Organizer window, then they will be symbolicated for you automatically after a few seconds. Otherwise you will need to symbolicate the .crash file yourself by importing it to the Xcode Organizer. Open the Xcode Organizer, select the “Devices” tab, select “Device Logs” under “LIBRARY” on the top of the sidebar, click the "Import" button and select the .crash file.

Basically, all you need to do in this case is drag and drop the crash report into xCode, but make sure you have the dSym file so xCode can xymbolicate the crash report with the correct version of the build of your app. To do this you need to "build and archive" each distributed app version! ps the video describing all the detail is in session 317...

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Decoding Stack Trace error


It looks to be related to your creation of a new SpeechRecognizer in the Loaded event of the MainPage.

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 26, 2013 by Matt Lacey


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  3. winerror.h from Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0

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