Windows 10 and Virtualbox not working


I updated my machine to Windows 10 but I have issues to get it working. The error I got when I installed Virtualbox (version 5.0.3) is:

Callee RC: 

I have Googled around and I found this issue and have tried the options stated in the accepted answer but this did not work.

When I do the following:

regsvr32 /u VBoxC.dll 

It says VBoxC.dll could not be loaded. Could not find module.

Any suggestions?


As suggested in the posts below I have tried various things. Still no solution. I am still getting the same error. What strikes me is that I don't have a C:\Users\User\.VirtualBoxdirectory. And every time I reinstall VirtualBox the directory is NOT created.

Edit 2

As I have literally tried everything and didn't get it working I decided to change my os to Ubuntu. Thanks everyone for the big help.

@moderators: what's with the bounty? How should I go about this? There's no solution to this problem that worked for me....

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Have you seen this StackOverflow post? It applies to your case. I happened to see exactly the same problem (on one of my student's laptops ;-), of all places), and solved it by combining the two answers, i.e., first by disinstalling completely as mentioned in the second answer, then checking the xml file mentioned in the first one.

The rationale for this is something you have stated,

Have you tried to simply reinstall the application? – Ramhound

@Ramhound yep a few times. – sanders

and then the weird problem you have had with the loading of VBoxC.dll

So I would uninstall as a regular user, then as admin seek out all register keys associated with VirtualBox and delete them, then re-install, then check the xml file mentioned in the first, accepted answer mentioned in the post linked above.

Of course, you may just want to check first the xml file without going through the hassle of a complete, but manual, uninstall.

If, after the complete uninstall, you should have still the same problem, you may wish to re-try the other solutions offered to your problem, since the issue with permission and registry jeys is such as to (potentially) void the usefulness of the proposed solutions. So try once again the one you mentioned, and make sure you have a suitable version of Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

Please let me know whether any of this works, it did for me.

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You might want to consider this.

I had installed Windows 10 Enterprise, upgrading from Windows 8.1 Enterprise and ran into the issue of the Windows 10 locking up quite frequently.

After some digging, I had found out that the Hyper-V manager for Windows 10 was still reading the configuration of the Hyper-V manager for Windows 8.1. It wasn't until I did a complete reset of Windows 10 (to clear any previous version configuration) did it work beautifully.

Although it might not seem directly related to your issue, my point is, Windows Hyper-V, especially in Windows 10, might be fighting over resources with your VitualBox installation.

I would suggest from the Program Files --> features to run, remove Hyper-V, reboot and run from the command prompt (in admin mode) sfc /scannow

Then reboot, and try running your VirtualBox (after you reinstall your VBox that is as was suggested by the previous poster).

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If the current version of Virtualbox seems incompatible with Windows 10, and since all the suggestions proposed in the answers and comments, by myself and by others, have not worked, it seems that this only leaves three options :

  1. Wait for Virtualbox to be fixed for Windows 10
  2. Downgrade to Windows 7
  3. Convert to Hyper-V.
    The GUI is different from VB, but it has the same basic functionality and may offer better performance for Windows guests.
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Any suggestions?

As of today (09/09/2015) there is a new release, that was actually released yesterday. Which seems to solve my problems, that have been pretty much the same.

My system setup with same problems was:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit (upgraded from a Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit)
  • VirtualBox 5.0.2
  • No Hyper-V Features activated/installed

I've just installed the new release from VirtualBox, which you can download here as usual.

Before that I had to switch in and out USB 2.0 vs 1.1 and vice versa, then the VM started occasionally.

Now it seems to work out of the box. (Tested few times, rebooted after installation)

There are also several issues that have been fixed, see the VirtualBox Changelog.

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