Can't sign-in Xbox Windows 8.1 - Error 0xc00d11cd (0x80004005)


When I try to sign-in in Xbox games in Windows 8.1, I write my password and when I click ok, it returns the following error:

Xbox service is not available at the moment
Try again. If the problem stills visit for help
0xc00d11cd (0x80004005)

Error image

I already verified Xbox status at but it is "up and running"

Already reinstalled Windows 8.1 and the problem stills

How can I fix this error?

Sorry if i'm misssing anything, i'm new user to Windows, I was using Mac OSX and sorry for my bad english...

asked on Super User Aug 18, 2015 by DiogoSaraiva • edited Aug 18, 2015 by DiogoSaraiva

2 Answers


After hearing of changes to my contract with Xbox, I solved this problem by logging into with my account, then accepted the contract's modifications. (I was unable to find the latest updates!)

answered on Super User Aug 26, 2015 by Nico • edited Aug 26, 2015 by I say Reinstate Monica

After I instaled all updates with Windows Update the problem solved itself.

answered on Super User Aug 28, 2015 by DiogoSaraiva

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