How do I find out who is corrupting my memory?


Question: My Windows 8.1 media center is experiencing blue screens. Here's an excerpt from the most recent ones (sorry for the formatting, but superuser does not support nice tables):

Date        Bug Check                                Param 1            Caused by Address

2015-05-24  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000020  Npfs.SYS+b872
2015-05-23  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000020  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-22  0x0000003b  SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION     00000000`c0000005  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-21  0x00000050  PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA  ffffe000`83ffdff8  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-21  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000020  Ndu.sys+a49b
2015-05-20  0x0000001a  MEMORY_MANAGEMENT            00000000`00041287  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-20  0x0000003b  SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION     00000000`c0000005  netbt.sys+23a4224
2015-05-15  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000003  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-15  0x0000003b  SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION     00000000`c0000005  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0
2015-05-07  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000020  WUDFRd.sys+7d1df000
2015-05-02  0x000000fe  BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER           00000000`00000006  USBPORT.SYS+2a64f
2015-05-01  0x00000019  BAD_POOL_HEADER              00000000`00000020  ntoskrnl.exe+150ca0

I've examined the minidump files with BlueScreenView and read the MSDN articles about the bug checks mentioned above. As far as I can tell, most of these BSODs mean:

  • "Some kernel driver messed up your memory. Accessing this messed-up memory caused your system to crash. Unfortunately, I do not know who exactly messed up your memory, because that "messing up" might have already happened some time ago."

(If I am mistaken here, please tell me.)

Now the question is: How do I find out which driver messes up my memory?

Details: I've deliberately kept the question generic and asked about a debugging technique rather than the cause for my specific BSOD, so that the answers are useful for others as well. If anyone is interested in the particular details of my case: It's a x64 Windows 8.1 Shuttle XS35GTA V3 with a WinTV-HVR 930C adapter. I have discovered that I can sometimes reproduce the problem by watching live TV with Windows Media Center, turning the HDMI-connected screen off, turning it later back on and then closing Media Center. A few seconds later (after doing something else, e.g. starting or closing a web browser), the system will BSOD or just reboot.

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