Windows 7 64 Bit PC: Windows Updates Installed Yesterday & Cannot Now Boot-Up To Login?


Everything was working fine until yesterday, when I installed Windows Updates, things went wrong.

PC now boots up into "old fashioned" dialogue box entitled startup repair. This fails to solve the problem.

Have tried system restore from both disc & built in options I believe. 3 restore points given on the 9th (Automatic Restore), 10th (Win Updates) & 11th (Win Updates).

Have tried all 3 and each time, an unspecified error has occurred during the process 0x8000ffff as shown here:

Thank you for your assistance, I would like to restore my PC the way it was before updates were installed yesterday ?

asked on Super User Mar 12, 2015 by Simon

1 Answer


According to TECHIE007, you can boot with Linux LiveCD like SystemRescue to recover your data or to make a fix a disk problem. They are many tools who do that for example you can use Hiren's Boot CD to repair your disk.

answered on Super User Mar 13, 2015 by IT-ceedo

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