Task Scheduler returns Directory Name Invalid for valid path


I'm trying to use Task Scheduler to run a Ruby script every night. When I try to run the script, I get error 0x8007010B which seems to be Directory Name Invalid. The directory I'm starting in is a mapped network drive. Performing the equivalent action from the command line works fine. Here's the action I'm trying to perform along with a piece of the command line window showing that both directory names are valid.

Action configuration

Why is Task Scheduler claiming the directory name is invalid?

asked on Super User Mar 4, 2015 by SSteve • edited May 26, 2018 by fixer1234

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I had the same problem but more generic: The Start in (optional) field doesn't support quotes (e.g. "C:\Program Files"). I removed them and it worked!

answered on Super User Oct 19, 2018 by fivef

I worked around the issue by adding another Action in Task Scheduler to run net use M: <path to network folder>.

This task worked correctly when the computer was connected to a domain, but we took down our buggy domain server. For whatever reason, Task Scheduler used to know that M: was mapped to a network drive but now it doesn't.

answered on Super User Mar 5, 2015 by SSteve

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