How to repair corrupt DLL in laptop that won't boot


My laptop (Acer Aspire M5-581TG, Windows 8.1 x64) had some bad sectors which I recovered by doing chkdsk /R. This showed that C:\Windows\system32\d3d11.dll had the bad sectors in it, so I renamed that file (while in the recovery console's command prompt) to avoid Windows trying to load it.

However, now my lapstop still won't boot. What actually happens is weird, when it gets to where the login screen, the screen stays black for about 20 seconds and then the login screen flashes up for 1 second, then it goes back to black again (can't seem to acheieve anything by clicks/keypresses during this either).

I'd like to repair d3d11.dll - how can I do this? I don't have a non-corrupted copy of it, so far as I'm aware.

I have tried "System Restore" from the boot menu but it failed (code 0x80070005 - An unspecified error occurred during System Restore.). I thought this feature would repair any corrupted system DLLs but it didn't even seem to be attempting that.

NB. It'd be great if there were some way to execute sfc /scannow or equivalent from the recovery console; however doing it from the recovery console's command prompt fails when an error message that a repair is pending.

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Boot from a Windows 8 DVD, go to the repair options and open a CMD prompt and first UNDO all pending operations with this command:

DISM /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions /ScratchDir:C:\

Now try to boot. If this still fails, go again to the repair options and run this command:


to repair system files.

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