Fedora 8 on intel atom device using live image burn with unetboot


I'm new in LINUX, and I've been installing fedora 8 live image on intel atom based cpu ( installed on the harddrive, not usbstick)

I have a running internet connection (router, Windows based PC, and want to add a Linux pc ), why can't I connect to the internet ? the eth0 is working , can ping to, the cables are good ( ive tried them on other pc ) ..

I've also tried to add ipaddr and route add from root shell but I still can't connect to the internet , and ( Maybe (as-far-as ) as I remembered, I can have internet connection while using persistent overlay setup )

the ifconfig commands shows that i have a large ammount of dropped RX packets, and ethtool eth0 commands shows that I have

current message level : 0x00000033 ( 51) , link detected : no

can anyone help or suggest anything ?

asked on Super User Nov 26, 2014 by Nikolaus Tan

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