How to detect if I/O errors are because of HDD fail or other Hardware/Software issues?


On my current system I had a 2TB HDD from Segate, after 2 years Windows started to restart on boot, so I formatted and installed ubuntu. All worked great but after a while I would get I/O errors, something about /temp, the system would still be usable you just couldn't start any new tasks. I tried to use the SMART test and it failed executing the test. I tried it on a different computer and it still had issues so I thought it started failing.

I replaced it with a new CROSAIR Force GS SSD.

Now my system keeps getting blue-screens about once every 1-2 days (the computer runs 24/24h), and seem to be hdd related:

  • CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION STOP: 0x000000F4 (during windows update)
  • KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR STOP: 0x0000007A (during idle at 3am, nothing reported in event viewer)

Is my Mother Board failing? or other Hardware? or am I so unlucky that my new SSD started to fail in the first day?


Memory check didn't return anything suspicious. Computer restarted a few times since then (seen an other STOP: 0x000000F4) and a new one:

  • please insert proper boot device and reboot (also ahci detection takes a lot of time)

Again it's still working after a reboot, so I decided to switch the hdd at an other configuration to see if it's the hdd or the system (MB, RAM, source, etc.), I'll come back with results in a few days.


It's the ssd, I've moved it to a different system and after a day I got the same :

  • followed by a bios error, no boot device detected (entered in bios after and couldn't see the ssd, after a restart it went back to normal)

so I'll ask a new question: How to prove that the HDD/SSD is the problem? What tests can I make so I can get it to fail consistently as now it fails randomly..

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And final answer to:

  • Am I so unlucky that my new SSD started to fail in the first day?

Is Yes!

The guys from the store were nice enough to accept it back and send another.

answered on Super User Jun 15, 2017 by Stefan Rogin

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