Outlook 2010 broken even after uninstall and reinstall, can't even create a profile


For no reason, Outlook popped up with a data file cannot be accessed error during send/receive. The error blocked message sending and receiving for all 4 accounts.

Summary of what I tried (nothing has worked):

  • Used Microsoft's built-in Repair feature for Office 2010
  • Verified PST file location in settings
  • Used Microsoft PST file repair tool
  • Tried to add a new data file under Mail settings, got an error 0x80070002 with no other information
  • Tried to add an entirely new profile under Mail settings, got the same error 0x80070002 after putting the e-mail server info in and hitting Next
  • Whenever I try to add a new e-mail account on the old profile, just to see what would happen, I get error 0x80070002 yet again
  • Completely deleted Outlook files in the AppData folder
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2010 Professional Plus

Reinstalling did not resolve the problem. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, with Office 2010 Professional Plus 32-bit. Ideas?

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