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Hey guys I am considering to purchase a new HDD after a series of events that happened : Couple days ago my PC froze while I was playing a game, I wasn't able to close any processes with my Task Manager and I decided to RR the pc. After I did that my pc went to boot and immediately after I got the "Attempting to repair the disk %", it failed. Tried to recover it but unfortunately I wasn't able to get past the (windows couldn't start normally). I decided to reinstall my Windows and I went for a clean install, deleted the partitions, BUT when I tried to format my whole partition I got this : "Windows couldn't not format a partition on disk0 : error code 0x80070057". Tried to format it with diskpart but without success, managed a day later to install my windows(normally). Yesterday I had another freeze/lag during a game, and I've seen that the computer lags terribly... Did some checkups :

Samsung HD105SI

1) SMART returned to me with healthy and only one warning at my Interface CRC error count Current : 69 , Worst : 1 , Threshold : 0, Data : 16887 2) Tested the read speed ( HD tune pro) : minimum speed : 0.2MB maximum: 105,5 MB average: 65 MB

acc time : 20 ms burst rate 159 mb/s

Is my hard drive beyond salvation ? As far as I know there's no way to fix a HDD problem but with a replacement. Thanks and sorry for the long post

asked on Super User Jun 12, 2014 by ExtremeSwat

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Apart from the other comments, did you perform a chkdsk X: /r ?

Sometimes your ear is better than SMART, try to listen close to the disk when it's on load if it is making strange noises.

answered on Super User Jun 13, 2014 by MauroG

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