Memory Management problems with new Dell XPS Laptop


I recently bought the latest and "best" Dell XPS 15 with preinstalled Windows 8.1. In the two weeks I am using it now, there have been a lot of application crashes, unexpected system shutdowns and also some BSODs.

  • In Chrome some websites crash frequently
  • A lot of java programs (e.g. eclipse) often fail to start with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) / Problematic frame: jvm.dll+0x42b896 for example
  • BSOD always show the problem MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, mostly in ntoskrnl.exe

Then, sometimes I can work for hours without any visible problems...

What I already tried/did: I am using the latest drivers provided by Dell, did a system checkup (HDD, Memory) using Dell and Windows tools - without any clue. System fans are off or low, so I wouldn't guess it's a thermal problem.

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Although both DELL checkup utitlites didn't find memory problems any more, a short test with memtest86 revealed a lot of problems. After exchanging RAM in one slot, the memory errors were gone and I believe that all of the problems described above will not occur any more.

answered on Super User Jan 24, 2014 by Tarnschaf

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