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When trying to update my computer to Windows 8.1 I get a message saying it couldn't update, so it restored the previous version and it gave this code 0x800706BA - 0x20003. I am very computer illiterate but I thought I could at least do an update. Before I could even attempt the update, it said I had to uninstall my security tools that Windows 8 came with.

I thought maybe it was just a one time thing but when I tried to update again, it gave me the same error.

What is happening here?

asked on Super User Dec 10, 2013 by Shawna • edited Dec 10, 2013 by K.A.Monica

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According to Microsoft, this occurs when "an update installation crashes":

They also state that the fix is to restart the system. Try this:

  1. Do a hard restart (shut down, wait a few seconds, turn it on)
  2. After you sign in to Windows, run Windows Update and install the updates marked "Important" and "Recommended".
  3. Restart when Windows Update asks you to
  4. Go to the Windows Store and try upgrading to Windows 8.1 again.
answered on Super User Dec 11, 2013 by K.A.Monica

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