Installing Windows 8.1 upgrade gives the error 0x80070057


I'm running Windows 8 and attempting to install Windows 8.1 via the app store. I attempted this several times and each time I get a message that the install failed with error message 0x80070057.

Searching didn't turn up any meaningful solutions to this problem.

asked on Super User Dec 4, 2013 by Chris Rasco • edited Dec 4, 2013 by Kevin Panko

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Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus

This error occurs when you attempt to install the 8.1 update with some type of Anti-Virus solution enabled. Users of Microsoft's Security Essentials also need to disable the realtime protection before attempting the 8.1 upgrade.

There are other users reporting that the same thing happens with different AV solutions.

Clearing Windows Store Cache

Sometimes this issue can occur from an issue in the Windows Store Cache.

To clear the cahce, on your keyboard hit Win + R and type WSReset.exe.

answered on Super User Dec 4, 2013 by Chris Rasco • edited Oct 14, 2014 by Sir.Nathan Stassen

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