Export failing when I try to export from HyperV on Windows 8.1


I right click on a Virtual Machine and click export, select a path and then I get this error:

[Window Title]
Hyper-V Manager

[Main Instruction]
An error occurred while attempting to export the virtual machine.

Export failed for virtual machine 'Win7Pro'.

[Expanded Information]
Export failed for virtual machine 'Win7Pro' (87874C77-ED1B-47E9-89DE-A12EC2845FEB) with error 'The system cannot find the path specified.' (0x80070003).

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I did a bit of searching and tried some workarounds (like renaming the VM) and it had no effect. How do I fix this? I have 7 or 8 VMs and this affects only the one I really want to export.

The only path I input is the export path, and that path works when it is used with other VMs in the list, so the problem seems to be within the VM configuration's paths, but I do not see any errors there and the VM starts and runs just fine.

asked on Super User Nov 8, 2013 by Warren P

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I had a similar problem. However I had my VM and VM hard disk stored in different locations. I fixed the export issue by moving the VM and VM hard drive into the same folder.

answered on Super User Oct 12, 2018 by user944227

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