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I have a Dell computer that has the Blue Screen of Death. I booted from Puppy Linux non-PAE to retrieve files. Now I wish to restore Windows. I have been following instructions from this site. I made it to step 3, but I don't see the option to "Repair Your Computer." The closest thing is Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only). When I selected that and then the operation system, which is the only choice, I get the BSoD.

The computer runs Windows XP, but I used the sites' Vista/7 section, because they were the only ones that worked.

Of course, if the BSod can be fixed without restoring it to factory setting, I'd be happy to do it. The error code is: Stop: 0x000000ED (0x837D76B0,0xC0000006,0x00000000,0x00000000)

Oh and safe mode does not work.

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Obviously windows is corrupted and you need to reinstall the entire os, recovery is not possible.

Make sure you recovered all your files before you do this because xp does not install over another windows installations like Vista or 7, and now 8.

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If CTRL and F11 don't work, then you have lost the 'factory restore' partition on the hard drive ..

If that laptop has a CD/DVD drive, set the 'boot order' in the BIOS to CD/DVD first and you will need a Dell 'OEM' bootable Windows XP disc ...

If not, you will need XP on a a bootable USB stick ..

NOTE - Dell OEM XP discs are all 'identical' .... the Dell OEM Licence is in the BIOS (you won't need to ender the Licence code) .. so you can just copy any XP disc you can find - note that early versions of Dell OEM XPsp2 versions were not bootable, so be careful if you buy on eBay (ideally you want XP sp3) .. if you get 'stuck' with a non-bootable sp2 it is possible to make a copy and add the boot blocks before 'burning' ...

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