Why Google Chrome can not Update it-self?


Google chrome (that I downloaded from FileHipoo.com) can not update it-self?

The error message is

Update failed (error: 3)An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: 0x80040154).

I just want to understand the reason.

asked on Super User Aug 16, 2013 by Amirreza Nasiri • edited Aug 16, 2013 by Dave

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The error message is quite clear in that it fails to start, but as to why... I don't know for sure. It would APPEAR that earlier versions installed Chrome to your %localAppData% directory - it now installs to %ProgramFiles% which fixes this error for many users. I can only therefore guess that due to downloading from a third party source to the vendor you've got an older version.

Download the latest version of Chrome from Google (but un-install your version first, saving/backing up bookmarks/plug ins etc first)

answered on Super User Aug 16, 2013 by Dave • edited Aug 16, 2013 by Dave

I had the same issue. After updating Chrome x64, I decided to update Chrome Canary x64 too. Since the auto-update from the About page failed, I ran the new installer manually and it succeeded. On the About page I saw I have the new version, but it still showed the same error. Then I noticed that 3-4 processes from Google update service are running as a Scheduled Task. I tried to stop the task, but this had no effect.

This solved my issue: Finally I used End process tree from Process Explorer. Now the About page is showing: Google Chrome is up to date. :)

answered on Super User Feb 3, 2015 by George Valkov

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