Cannot access shared folder on network using tplink wireless adapter


I have a domain controller for 20 lan pcs using windows xp and on it a share folder accessible through \\myfolder. LAN ip ranges from - 120 Next I have a Cisco linksys router configured using ip, , dhcp enabled Now I have 5 Pc's with Tplink wireless network adapter installed and connected using my router's connection and getting ip's from the router Problem is I cannot access my shared folder when I enter \\myfolder. I disable firewall in the pc's and anti-virus and it connects but keeps disconnecting every 3 minutes or so with a "Windows cannot access \Myfolder... etc etc" No network path was found with an "Error Code 0x80004005 Unspecified error". Pls help I need to resolve this ASAP

asked on Super User Feb 1, 2013 by JoeyK

1 Answer


Your router has DHCP server on shared folder is on IF your pc U use to access folder uses different IP range , this can be the source of your issues.

answered on Super User Feb 1, 2013 by Cups

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