Upgrade from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8 Enterprise


I tried to upgrade a Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8 Enterprise, however it fails a quarter of the way through the initialization process. Could this have something to do with the Assembly cache?

This is the error:

Error  MigGather caught exception: Win32Exception: Falscher Parameter. [0x80070057] void __cdecl Mig::CGACRootEnum::Reset(void)
Error                 MIG    pDoOnlineGather: Gather operation failed. Error: 0x00000004
Error      [0x0800ad] MIG    Callback_GatherOldSysMachineSpecific: Migration phase failed.[gle=0x00000012]

I've already attempted a repair install as well. Any ideas on this?

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Double-check that the upgrade media is 100% correct:

  • Use sha1sum to verify your ISO's checksum against the official ISO checksum.
  • Burn a new DVD of the Windows 8 installer. Consider using a nonWindows burning tool, such as one from Linux or Mac OS X (e.g. Disk Utility).
answered on Super User Nov 2, 2012 by mcandre

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