Chrome installer error 0x80070057


I installed a fresh installation of XP SP3 on a hyper-v virtual machine. Nothing is installed besides Microsoft Security essentials.

If I try to install chrome with the alternate all users installer, I get this error:

Google update installation failed with error 0x80070057

I've tried a manual uninstall for chrome, cleaning the registry with ccleaner, running the installer as administrator, and starting from scratch by installing XP SP3 again.

Any ideas? I didn't encounter this issue a few months ago. Is there an older version of the alternative installer still available?

asked on Super User Jul 27, 2012 by Force Flow • edited Jan 20, 2013 by cpast

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If it is not a permissions problem, I would take a look at it with something like Process Monitor setting a filter for chrome, and when you get the error, see exactly what operation failed.

Then, if it is something like a specific access denied, or file not found, or something similar, you can do more specific troubleshooting/repairs.

answered on Super User Jul 30, 2012 by soandos

I managed to sidestep the error by using the MSI installer.

answered on Super User Jul 30, 2012 by Force Flow

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