Windows 7 64bit STOP Error Code 0x000000F4


I got a BSOD when my computer was almost idle (only uTorrent was running) with stop error code 0x000000F4.

Also at the blue screen it got stuck at the 2nd step (I don't remember what it says) and as a result I don't have a minidump file.

My pc specs are:

  • Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 950 @ 3,00 GHz
  • RAM: 3x2GB @ 1866 MHz
  • Windows Drive: 60 GB SSD (OCZ Agility)
  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

This has happened quite a few times during the one year I have this computer. The previous times the Corsair F60 SSD I had stopped working (2 SSDs dead).

The problem is that I cannot reproduce the problem so that we find out the cause. Is it something with the controller of the motherboard? What should I do?

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I suffered the dreaded F4 stop error and discovered it was all due to power management.

In the latest install, I have disabled BIOS support for power management on my MSI-7522 mobo (X58 chipset, Core i7-920, 24GB RAM) and selected Performance power profile with no modifications.

System was crashing during the night, always at idle, and research told me a critical thread was being terminated and the system restarted to avoid other unpleasant conditions.

No BIOS PM support, no Windows changes to the performance profile, and the box remained stable for fifteen days. Looks like I found my problem, hope this helps you, too.

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BSOD issues come in many shapes and forms and have been covered here, I suggest checking other questions and answers on SuperUser.

In particular because you have the OCZ Agility check my answer here, as it also uses the SandForce controller that's causing issues for a lot of people:

Vertex 3 with Asus P8P67 Pro (B3) locks up

Other debug/BSOD info:

Any advice on what to do when getting a cryptic blue screen in windows?

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Diagnosing BSOD hardware issues .

Microsoft Bug check page for F4


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This problem appears due to problematic system files and settings. There is a tool called Windows Memory Diagnostic which conducts memory tests to identify RAM problem. Run the tool and check if that solves your problem. You can use a hotfix available online. Alternatively, the steps given below can be very useful for you. Follow them until your issue is completely fixed:

Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

  1. Open the Start Screen.
  2. Type Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Click Restart now and check for problems.

Use System Restore

  1. Open the Start Screen.
  2. Type System Restore.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Click Next, select a restore point and then continue the wizard.

Run System File Checker

  1. Open the Start Screen.
  2. Type Command Prompt.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Type SFC /SCANNOW in the window and press ENTER.
  5. Restart your computer when you're done.
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