Memory could not be written when using Adobe 10.0 reader


User using is attempting to read a PDF file from a web server and gets the following error


Report[1].pdf (SECURED) - Adobe Reader: Acrord32.exe Application Error: The instruction at '0X00000119' reference memory at 0x0000119. the memory could not be written.

User is using XP, Adobe 10.0 reader.

How can I resolve this error and read the pdf document?

asked on Super User Aug 16, 2011 by zundarz • edited Oct 31, 2011 by Sathyajith Bhat

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There's a KB article adressing Adobe Reader crashes/memory issues:

Errors and freezes -- Adobe Reader -- Windows

Different factors can cause system errors, including conflicts among device drivers, software, and hardware, and corrupt elements in specific files. Although a system error may occur only when you work with Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader may not necessarily be the cause--it may be the only application that is memory- or processor-intensive enough to expose the problem.

answered on Super User Aug 16, 2011 by splattne

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