Unable to create windows 7 repair disc


This is what I get when using the maintenance tool in the start menu on windows 7 to create a repair disc. I have yet to find a google search solution that works. I can ordinarily write to the cd/dvd drive. I've tried different discs, logging in with the hidden admin account, etc.

System repair disk could not be created.
The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)

This has always been a ridiculously buggy area for NT derived systems and I have always given up on their system restore/repair tools and just used Bootit NG. Have you been able to get the repair disc create to work?

asked on Super User Aug 3, 2011 by P a u l

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You might need to repair your system with (you guessed it) a Windows 7 repair disc.

Fortunately, the Windows 7 install DVD behaves as a repair disc as well. No need for one if you have that (any edition works).

Just hit the Repair Your Computer link under the Install button in the bottom left corner.

answered on Super User Aug 3, 2011 by digitxp

I had to shut down encryption software (BoxCryptor Classic and TrueCrypt) to make this error go away.

answered on Super User Nov 24, 2013 by Alex Janzik

If you use TrueCrypt, the answer might be simple: unmount all encrypted drives and try again. Windows is unable to play nicely with encrypted mounts. Originally from this Microsoft forum answer.

answered on Super User Dec 23, 2013 by Travis Wilson

I have also found that if BitLocker is turned on you can't create a Windows 7 repair disc. Turn off BitLocker and it should work fine.

answered on Super User Dec 17, 2017 by Ed Hotin • edited Dec 18, 2017 by mt025

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