32 Bit Applications won't start on Windows 64 Bit


I've installed the latest Catalyst and other Software on my Windows 7 64-Bit System. Everything was ok but since the last boot all my 32-Bit Application won't work anymore. I figured out that the 32-Bit apps loads the 64-bit DLLs (Dependency Walker helped me here). Using Google I found another person who had that same problem: http://msoos.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/0xc000007b-error-solution/

Fixing the "path" variable didn't helped me here. I can't (re)install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010 x86 bcs. they are 32-Bit apps. ;-)

How can I solve my riddle?

Edit: ErrorCode is 0xc000007b

asked on Super User Apr 12, 2011 by Michael Freitner • edited Jul 17, 2011 by studiohack

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I have the same problem and I discovered the problem went away for me when uninstalling the ATI Catalyst 11.3 software and driver. Alternatively you could try a system restore from a restore point from before you installed ATI Catalyst 11.3. The next problem however is that the 11.4 preview driver also has the same behavior after installing and I'm afraid if I will be able to update ATI Catalyst in the future.

answered on Super User Apr 14, 2011 by mno

Is there any chance you installed the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update? I had the same issue and was unable to resolve it. I ended up wiping the system clean and reinstalling fresh in a fit of geek rage.

answered on Super User Apr 12, 2011 by Aaron Lampros

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