Send MiniDump to Microsoft after Recovering from OS Blue Screen


Occasionally I encountered Blue Screen of Death on my Windows 7 32 bit ( Yes, windows 7!). I believe that this is software error, and from Event Viewer I can see when and what the error is. This is a sample of such a report:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000004e (0x00000099, 0x0008737d, 0x00000002, 0x00089e37). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 111310-25209-01.

I think it's worthwhile to send this kind of bug report and dumps to Microsoft. But I don't see any "Send me" button at event viewer. How to send minidump generated from crash to Microsoft, after I have recovered from OS Blue Screen of Death?

asked on Super User Nov 13, 2010 by Graviton

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Parameter 1: 0x99; Page frame number; Current page state; 0; A page table entry (PTE) or PFN is corrupted.

Cause This error is typically caused by a driver passing a bad memory descriptor list. For example, the driver might have called MmUnlockPages twice with the same list.

My advice is to check your RAM (memory). My experience says that you might have a hardware problem. Insert W7 DVD on boot and select Memory Check.


The appropriate process is documented here:

answered on Super User Nov 13, 2010 by RobotHumans

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