Why do I get an "Access Denied" message intermittently? How can I change this? Should I?


Windows XP SP3

I use utorrent. Occasionally, in the logger I will get this message: "Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied". It is not always there, it is intermittent.

  1. Can I change this without opening myself to viruses, loggers, etc.?
  2. Should I change the firewall to allow this access?
  3. How would I change this? I am using Microsoft Security Essentials, all up to date. Also utorrent is up to date.
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From Microsoft Answers: Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied

It is a two steps process,
1. Make sure the torrent port is open in the Windows Firewall
2. Open the BT client using "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"

Also check with this test (if this works, I expect you can ignore other warnings):

Where, 'Incoming-Conn-Port' is the port number at,

  • uTorrent Menu
    • Tools
      • Preferences
        • Connection
          • Port used for incoming connections.

There is also some discussion at the uTorrent forum:
Error opening windows firewall 0x80070005 access denied.

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