MSSql Database randomly not answering


We have a 32 Bit production machine that has MS SQL 2014 installed. 32 Bit is forced by twincat 2 running on it, (not compatible with 64 bit), thus the available ram is limited.

Randomly, about twice a month, the database does not answer to the programs and the queries go in timeout. (exception 0x80131904)

There seems to be no apparent reason for this, and we cannot figure out what could be causing it. Being it a production machine, there are no particular events, no users playing on it, the system is just there with an application writing to the database about once a minute. It is also a very low load application and the load on the pc is minimal.

What I am asking for, is sugestions on where to look to identify the problem. Is there a log or some comands that I can execute to get at least some hints on what is causing it?

asked on Super User May 10, 2021 by sharkyenergy

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