How do I overcome Error 0x80070005 when exporting HyperV VMs to an SMB share hosted on FreeNAS?


I'm currently receiving a permissions error when exporting a HyperV VM to an SMB share that is hosted on FreeNAS.

This piece of Microsoft documentation explains that:

When you export a virtual machine in Hyper-V manager, it is the System account of the Hyper-V host that executes the export. This problem occurs because the Hyper-V host does not have permission on the network share.

The solution proposed is to:

Ensure the permissions allow the Computer account of the Hyper-V host performing the Export to update the shared folder.

However, it appears that the steps it suggests are for an SMB share that is hosted on a Windows server.

  1. On the destination server, right-click on the shared folder and select Properties.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Click Edit button and click the Add button in the permissions dialog box.
  4. Click Oject Types and select Computers if not already done and click OK.
  5. In the dialog Enter the object names to select provide the name of Hyper-V host machine and click Check Names.
  6. With the Hyper-V host machine name select, click Allow by Full control and click OK.

My question is, how can I grant my HyperV VM full permission to my SMB share hosted on FreeNAS?

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