Windows Audio service can't be started after Blue Screen of Death, how can I fix it?


I am using Windows 10, and today (2021-01-28) I got a BSoD, the computer then rebooted automatically, and after reboot, sound, microphone and camera weren't working on the system;

Windows Defender disappeared, and I couldn't run cmd as admin (my account is the only account and it's an administrator account).

The last update was indeed installed today as shown by the update history:

Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus - Update KB2267602 (Version 1.329.3006.0)

Device manager showed that all device drivers were detected and up to date, I went to safe mode and ran: sfc /scannow

It found and repaired corrupt files, I then went back into normal mode, managed to launch cmd as admin with: Win+R>>type cmd>>Ctrl+Shift+Enter, ran sfc /scannow again, and it did not find any other problems.

Windows Audio service couldn't be started even if I tried to start it in services.msc it gave me:

Error 0x80070005: Access is denied.

I have a restore point created 1 week ago. Is this the only option? How can I uninstall this last KB update?

I am sadly no expert, sorry If the question is vague, I could give more information.

Any help is appreciated. Even if it's just teaching how to get thte log of the BSoD.

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