0x80004002 Error Editing Folder Tags in Windows 10


I have updated my registry so that I can edit folder comments in the Details pane. Specifically, to


I added


Now I can see folder comments in the Details pane. Each folder has a desktop.ini with the bare minimum to at least see Comments if added to columns in the explorer, namely:

InfoTip=This is a test

However, if I try to change the comment from the preview pane, I get a 0x80004002 error:

0x80004002 Error when Editing Comments in Details Pane

Does anyone know why I get this error? I would prefer not to have to open each desktop.ini and add edit the InfoTip so they display in the comments. I was hoping to simplify this by editing on-the-fly in the Details Pane. This method also seems to try to recursively apply the Comments to all subfolder and subfiles in the directory, which I don't want.

I'm also aware of this solution, but that feels like overkill to me. Any thoughts?

asked on Super User Nov 12, 2020 by A. Hendry

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