Boot loop after Avast reinstall


After creating a Linux bootable USB, I noticed that at start up I got an error message from avastui.exe "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Click Ok to close the application." so I reinstalled it.

Then I tried to install mirc but I got an error message that it could not complete the installion. At this point I restarted the computer.

At the" Windows starting" screen, it went back to restart, showing me the recovery menu screen. I selected safe mode but it would still not start...goes back to the recovery menu after a few seconds in the Windows logo starting screen.

I tried last known configuration...same thing.

Tried booting without driver signature. Same.

Trying to boot into the live Linux USB failed also. The 2nd attempt worked, but only for 15 seconds and then it froze.

Could someone PLEASE help? I don't want to do a clean install because I need my files.

Thank you so much!

asked on Super User Aug 16, 2020 by JJrussel

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