ilasm can not create files


problem: I am running ilasm /dll /key="C:\m\mykey.snk" "C:\m\" /output="C:\m\myapp.dll" as normal user (called user) on my machine and it results in Could not create output file, error code=0x80070005. Even if it should not be required i have executed the command from the folder C:\m.

If i run this command in an administrator-console then it works without any error so my . But also user should be able to run ilasm without problems. What do I have to do allow ilasm to create files?

What i have tried/checkd so far:

  • I have ensured my system is up to date (all available windows updates are installed).
  • I have ensured that user have the persmission to read/write files in the folder where i executed the command.
  • I have ensured that user is in the Administrator-group.
  • With user I have taken the ownership of the folder where i executed the command.
  • In the Windows-Defender-Settings I have added the folder C:\ to the list of excluded folders of the windows-malware-protection.
  • In "Windows defender Security Center" -> "Virus & threat protection" I have disabled the Windows-malware-protection.
  • I have executed the same command with the same files on 2 other machine. On these 2 other machines a normal user where able to execute this command without any problems.
  • I copied the folder C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319 (where ilasm is located in) from a machine where it is working to the desktop of the machine where it is not working and set the path-environment-variable to point to the the ilasm.exe on the desktop and tried it again. Not working. (I have checked that the desired ilasm.exe will really being used using the command where ilasm.)

So are there other things i can check or i can do to get the command working without the requirement to run it as administrator?

Other information which might by useful:

  • I use Windows 10.
  • I havent installed or configured any things on my system, i have done this on a "fresh" installed system.

Many thanks in advance.

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