Windows Color System Calibration Loader (specified module could not be found 0x8007007E) - Windows Task Scheduler


Background: Windows Color System Calibration Loader is used to automatically load Windows color profiles for your display once Windows is loaded. I'm planning to disable this so I can get Nvidia control panel to allow me to properly use Nvidia desktop color settings. Reason for that is so I can get the F.lux software to work properly when I take screenshots/snippets. Seems like this Calibration Loader doesn't work properly even after uninstalling F.lux. I am unable to use Windows Night Light as well so something is very wrong here.

Issue: Every time this task runs when I boot my computer, I get the following run result message shown in the Task Scheduler window: "The specified module could not be found. (0x8007007E)".

Running Windows 10 build 1909 and with Nvidia graphics drivers 445.87. Had F.lux installed but removed it temporarily.

I ran a System File Checker scan and it found no issues. Not too sure why Windows cannot find the Calibration Loader module and I'm not sure how to fix this issue.

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