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I have a dual boot machine (Windows 7 Ultimate & Ubuntu which uses GRUB as bootmanager and is Windows as entry). I just recently added a third OS to (Windows 10 Pro). THings were running nicely, but at some point my Windows 7 installation became corrupted. While booting up Win7 I am getting a BSOD after the Windows logo shows up with the error:

0x0000006B: PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED which is described in detail HERE

The next part of this question deals with how I have attempted to create and use a repair disk in hopes to resolve the BSOD issue, but this may not even solve the issue. I am ultimately looking for a way to fix the BSOD error described above and any replies that lead to this BSOD being solved will be marked as the answer.

Since I do not have my Windows 7 installation disk anymore, I decided to try and use the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool & the Rufus bootbale disk creator to create a WIndows 7 repair install disk to access the repair functions.

While the startup USB disk is showing that 'Windows is loading Files' at startup the process shows the error: enter image description here

This error message is described in detail HERE At that site it is mentioned that error 0xc0000225 is usually from a bad BCD which I attempted to correct using EasyBCD but it made no difference as I am still getting the error and still capable of booting into my other operating systems.

I can skip past this error but get a new one on the next screen that loads: enter image description here

The error message 0xc0000098 is described in detail HERE. Again, this looks like a bad or missing BCD, but I am confused about this because I am still able to boot into my operating system.

Could there be something wrong with the way I am formatting the Windows Recovery disk that might cause the recovery disk not to load properly? I have tried using both FAT32 and NTFS, as well as using GPT & MBR (MBR wont work at all).

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Although this is not a real helpful answer, the only recourse I had was to abandon using Windows 7 and get Windows 10. I really wanted to keep Win7 but it turns out that this error was unrecoverable.

answered on Super User Apr 30, 2020 by Kalamalka Kid

In UEFI boot mode, the boot process is as follows: UEFI firmware > Bootmgfw.efi > \Boot\BCD > winload.efi > ntoskrnl.exe.

Therefore, if the BCD file has no operating system entry, the boot process will be stopped and 0xc0000098 error occurs.

Another reason for 0xc0000098 error is an installed incompatible hard drive driver.

I feel bcd has to be manually fixed.

As u can access the old Win7 C drive, try running these commands on the Command Prompt in order. This would try to rebuild your bcd that may clear the 0xc0000098 error.

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

However this still doesn't solve your full problem but if this works atleast you can try all the solutions that requires a bootable USB. Hope this helps!

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