Windows Application Guard browser not connecting to the internet, error 0x800706ba


So I've tried reinstalling WDAG a few times and I keep getting this error after the computer boots up, when i load up Edge and start my WDAG session, once the window opens it has no internet connectivity. I checked my internet adapters and vEthernet (Hvsilcs) is there and enabled, i ran a diagnostic and it doesn't do anything with it. Other applications such as Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox work just fine its only WDAG. Anyone know how to fix this? I've checks several forums online, no one seems to have a solution to this. tried reinstalling WDAG via powershell tried updating/reinstalling vEthernet(Hvsilcs) adapter tried using windows troubleshooter/SFC tool Kind Regards

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asked on Super User Feb 19, 2020 by (unknown user)

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