How to remove phantom driver in Windows 7?


We have Windows 7 Pro SP1 installed. We want to upgrade to Windows 8, but the upgrade fails. In D:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log file there's only this:

2020-02-01 04:15:29, Error      [0x080902] MIG    InfEnumCallback: SetupGetInfDriverStoreLocationW failed for 'C:\Windows\inf\oem13.inf'[gle=0x00000490]
2020-02-01 04:22:34, Error      [0x0808fe] MIG    Plugin {ee036dc0-f9b7-4d2d-bb94-3dd3102c5804}: BRIDGEMIG: CBrgUnattend::CollectBridgeSettings failed: 0x1, 0

But there's no C:\Windows\inf\oem13.inf file, no results after searching "oem13" or "ee036dc0" in registry.

How do we delete this phantom driver so we could upgrade the OS?

asked on Super User Feb 1, 2020 by real_sm

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More than likely it is not the first error holding things up but the second error.

BRIDGEMIG: CBrgUnattend::CollectBridgeSettings failed: 0x1

Try doing a clean boot in W7 then try upgrade again while clean booted.

Also disconnect any peripherals during upgrade, only mouse and keyboard connected.

See this page, Windows 7 section, on how to do a clean boot.

answered on Super User Feb 1, 2020 by Moab

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