Unable to create print job: 0x00000bbb


after the Windows 10 Feature Update 1903 we've got at least 2 PCs (different printer manufactures and connection types) with this error:

Unable to create print job: 0x00000bbb


  • Model: HP CLJ 400 (Laser Printer only)
  • Connection: Shared Network Printer
  • PC1: Windows Version 10.0.18362.535 / NOT working
  • PC2: Windows Version 10.0.18362.356 / working

PC1 has the same Printer ("PrinterA") twice (one for black/white and one for colored prints), the "colored" one works, the "black/white" not. Same IP, same driver, same server.

On PC2, both variations of "PrinterA" (black/white and colored) were working.

For me, all settings seems to look identical. The printers are shared by the same server and deployed per Group Policy Extensions - so it should be the same on the client.

All tips I have found didn't helped so far: Comparing Registry Entries with one of the working PCs, Removing printers and drivers, settings rights with cacls.exe, deleting Registry Keys. I don't list them here because i have my doubts that they are really related to this problem.

So then there is one other Computer with this error. This one is located in a homeoffice, so it is completely different (other brand, model, manual installation, USB connected):


  • Model: KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 1690MF (Laser Printer with Fax/Scan)
  • Connection: USB
  • PC3: Windows Version 10.0.18362.356 / NOT working

So I don't think that this problem is related to the printer (model). I think the update screwed it up at some point. But I'm lost, any ideas?

Regards, Stefan


PrinterA, network, black/white: Today, for the problematic network printer I've created another port(name) for the IP on the printserver and shared it under a slighlty different name - and it works.

But I would like to know the root cause, I don't want to rename my printers after each Windows Feature Update...

PrinterB, USB This one is driving me nuts. I removed all drivers, cleaned up the registry, rebooted and connected it via LAN and gave him a new name - but same error message :-(

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If this happens for all printing from all software on the affected computers, this rare issue might have been caused by the Windows 10 update. The problem in this case is that permissions have been lost on the print spooler folder.

To correct:

  • Start a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as Administrator

  • Run the commands:

    cd \Windows\System32\spool
    cacls.exe PRINTERS /E /G administrator:C
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