Can't install Python 3.8 on Windows 10


As the title says I can't install Python 3.8 on Windows 10.

Some information:

  • I had the same Python version installed before, I uninstalled it (along with its launcher) using ccleaner (to install it in another path)
  • I tried to install Python in a new folder but got an error because another installation was going on (it wasn't another Python installation, but another program)
  • Now, when I try to install Python I get a message "No python 3.8 version was found" --> fatal error 0x80070643
  • I used the software "everything" to remove python stuff from previous location
  • I used ccleaner to clean registry
  • I deleted pip folder from Appdata/Local
  • I updated windows to the last version and rebooted
  • I removed python from PATH

But the problem persists. What can I do now?

Log file:

EDIT: I thought I had solved this because I could install Python, but now I get this error:

Both python and script folder are added to the Path, python --version on cmd returns correctly 3.8.0 but I can't open Python.exe (IDLE)

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Here's the solution that worked for me.

AFTER all the operations in the OT, I've run Python 3.8 NORMAL installer and chose not to install py launcher, this made Python successfully install.

After this step, I have added Python and Python/Script folders to my PATH and in cmd, python --version showed the correct version installed.

THEN I got the last problem (the imgurl one), when trying to see pip version and install pip using python from command line. I fixed this last problem by opening again the Python installer and perform an installation repair. After this, I made sure I could use python and pip commands and that's it.

I didn't launch anything as administrator nor performed any reboot while doing these last operations.

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