OpenGL ES Error - Can't find the Intel graphics


I'm attempting to use an abandoned application ( that acts as a game server connection tool for an old MMO. This is a perfectly legit program but it's just no longer actively developed and the original developers have gone MIA.

When launching the program, I am met with an OpenGL ES Error that says, "can't find the Intel graphics".

This doesn't appear to be a compatibility issue with old software + new hardware. There are a number of other people that use GPUs ranging from a GTX 950 to the new 2080 (I'm using a 1070). The same can be said for the CPU, with several people using older AMD processors to 9th Gen Intel (I'm using an i7-8700K). It's not a corrupt installation or a versioning issue either. This occurs on Windows 10 v1903.

The application doesn't provide crash or error logs and Windows Event Viewer provides limited details. The error itself seems to be generic and Intel support has been entirely unhelpful.

You can view the error, here: Can't paste the whole WEV log but it has Exception code: 0xc0000005 which, to my understanding, is yet another generic error with several possible culprits

Can anyone shed some more light on this error and a possible fix?

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