installing ImageResizer under .NET 4.8


A fresh installation of Windows 7 has now updated itself fully. Programs and Features shows .NET 3.5.1 present and .NET 4.8 as the sole installed version of the framework. ImageResizer 3.1.1 will not install in this environment, failing at the 'Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile' stage.

The log file shows failure occurring at this point:

[1118:0B88][2019-09-03T00:50:06]i301: Applying execute package: NetFx40ClientWeb, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\E15AD80FC74277EF2048312E9A71AF56B2EBA622\redist\dotNetFx40_Client_setup.exe, arguments: '"C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\E15AD80FC74277EF2048312E9A71AF56B2EBA622\redist\dotNetFx40_Client_setup.exe" /q /norestart /ChainingPackage "Image Resizer for Windows"'

[1118:0B88][2019-09-03T00:51:27]e000: Error 0x80070643: Process returned error: 0x80070643

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