Cannot use Access Databases and MySQL anymore after changing Harddrive-Name


I have a home-server running (Windows Server 2016) and developed two web-applications which one of them uses MS Access and the other MariaDB as database. The Databases are saved in E:\Access-Database and E:\MariaDB.

Everything works fine until I changed the Name of my Volume(E:) in Server(E:) and did a network-share (Right-click;Properties;Share for Network) of the Harddrive in my Network.

Now, I get Errors when I try to get Web-access to my applications:

Applications with Access-Database: (System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException (0x80004005) - "The File is exclusiv open by another User or you have no Permissions to read the file.)

Applications with MariaDB-Database: (0x80004005): Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.

In all the Sessions, I was logged in as an Administrator. Further more, I cannot access directly my MariaDB-Database. I checked out, that the Service of MariaDB (a MySQL-Service) are stopped. However, I cannot start the DB-Service on my Server again.

Trying to fix the Problem I did the following Things:

  • Renamed the Harddrive again
  • Delete the network-share
  • Create a couple of new Access-Databases in a different Volume(C:)
  • Installed a PostgreSQL-Database in the same Volume to checked out, whether there's a Problem with the DB-Engines. The Postgre-Database are working.

  • Repaired the Access-Engines and the MySQL-Service

However, I had no success with my ideas.

I figured out that my Web-Application with the Access-Database are functional when I start it from Visual Studio from a different machine.

Thanks for any ideas to this Problem.

asked on Super User Aug 13, 2019 by Andy

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