How can I delete/format partitions during Windows install from USB?--getting errors


My Windows 10 'winload.efi' became corrupted and I opted to clean install using the Windows media creator tool to create a bootable USB. Upon booting from USB, I chose custom install and proceeded to delete down to one partition followed by a format of that partition (as I had done for other clean install of windows 7/XP). Unfortunately, there was an error thrown and Windows could not install, leaving me stranded without an OS. From a mac, I created another bootable USB from a complete Windows 10 iso file. The Windows installer boots, unfortunately when I attempt to delete or format any of the partitions: { Drive 0 Partition 1: Recovery, Drive 0 Partition 2: System, Drive 0 Partition 3: MSR, Drive 0 Partition 4: Primary, } the installer throws the following errors:

"We couldn't delete the selected partition. [Error: 0x80070001]"

"We couldn't format the selected partition. [Error: 0x80070057]"

I have tried 'shift + F10' as recommended elsewhere to bring up a command prompt but not such prompt appears (presumably because I don't have a functioning OS anymore).

What can I do without an OS? How can I format the partitions and install from the bootable USB? Can this be done from BIOS? I'm working from a Lenovo T580 laptop. Thank You.

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Try not formatting that one remaining partition but to delete it and than create a new one, on which then the Windows installation would go. If that doesn't work, you could try to boot a Linux Distro from the USB, format the drive then try again the installation of Windows. A quick tutorial for that can be found on this askubuntu third answer. One more thing to check would be the sata and power cables that are attached to the drive.

answered on Super User Jul 23, 2019 by Anne Kate

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