My USB printer works fine on my computer, but is constantly offline in local network


My printer is HP LaserJet Pro M12a. Every computer runs on Windows 10.

Apparently the printer used to work on the local network before I started working at my company, now it doesn't. What I gathered is that the Windows 10 1803 update broke Homegroup, and that it could be the culprit. I followed this guide and enabled services as it told.

When I navigate to \localhost in explorer I see my printer. However, I can not connect to it or do anything meaningful. Instead an error appears (code 0x00000709) telling me to check the printer name or see if it's connected to the network.

I'm out of ideas. I followed everything I googled, I reinstalled the printer already (deleted printer and reinstalled driver), switched USB ports. I can ping to the computer connected to the printer. It's IP used to be DHCP, but I changed it to be static.

When I follow this solution I can't run Dot4x64 driver. It instantly exits. Logging through command line just says the MSI installer installed successfully, however it is not the case, as the next step wants me to select Dot4 printer port - it is not there.
I also attempted to unpack the installer with 7zip, although that did not help, as it is a driver and I have no clue how would I go about installing it manually.
If anyone could help with this I'd be grateful, this solution does seem promising and I would like to try it - it's just that the .msi installer doesn't cooperate...

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Are you using this driver?

You could also use this solution, involving installing the HP Laserjet USB (DOT4) communication driver followed by HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript (64-bit).

You could also try running Microsoft’s Automated Printer Troubleshooter.

If nothing works with the latest Windows 10 version, you could perhaps install it inside a virtual machine with an earlier version of Windows.

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