Line-in/Mic issue? Can't do anything at all with recording devices in GraphEdit/GraphStudioNext



In GraphStudioNext, attempting to play any graph that starts with any Audio Capture Source results in this error:

E_FAIL (0x80004005)

Unspecified error

Error starting playback (decimal -2147467259)

I've tried using my computers line in, mic in, and 2 usb audio devices to the same result. GraphEdit also gives a similar error:

This graph can't play.

Unspecified error (Return code: 0x80004005)


I'm pretty new to this program and have been trying to follow this tutorial when I ran into these issues; but I'm up to learning something new, so I've been intermittently researching it for the past few weeks. Despite this, I have not found anything too relevant to this issue yet. Vaguely related issues generally point toward sound card or driver in-capabilities, but I would like some more concrete confirmation of that before I order a new sound card (and also do a lot more research on them as well).


got and installed a new soundcard. This had no effect on the issue. The question now becomes "does anyone know anything about this at all? What kind of things could cause something like this?"

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