Windows 10 fails to boot after update


My computer fails to boot into the Windows 10 OS after the recent update. It just goes into the windows loading screen and just goes blank after few seconds and stays there for few more seconds and simply restarts.

  • I don't have a way for safe mode boot.
  • I tried creating a recovery USB disk and tried auto recovery. Auto recovery failed, Looks like it doesn't even know where the OS is.
  • I tried doing system restore to the earlier point that ended up with the error "system restore error 0x80070003".

I'm afraid my system is completely corrupted. I tried to launch command prompt from the same recovery menu, to my surprise I see the C, D and E volumes got interchanged I see all the data present in D drive is now in C (Obviously the drives got swapped), C is moved to E and E is now D.

Machine is actually configured with dual boot of Windows 10 along with Ubuntu. Ubuntu works just fine.

I did nothing but accepting the update from the windows.

I will lose a lot of important software and the configurations I had if I lose my OS.

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