Windows 10 Pro client can't hit a Samba server (usual fixes failing)


I'm on a Windows 10 Pro (b16299) client (workgroup, not domain) can't access a Samba (v4.7.7 on Ubuntu 16.04) file server with a single share. Attempting to hit \FILESERVER from Explorer generates either a 0x80004005 (unspecified error) or 0x80070035 (The network path was not found).

Non-Win10 clients work just fine and can hit the UNC path as expected.

The Samba configuration is bog standard and is set to all defaults aside from the definition of the one share.

The client and server are on different subnets.

Tried so far:

  • Enabling SMBV1 client in Win10 features
  • Forcing min protocol SMBV2 or SMBV3 in Samba settings
  • Enabling guest access on the share
  • Network reset
  • netsh int ip reset
  • Turning off Windows firewall and the firewall on the file server
  • Mapping a network drive and trying to log in with known-valid credentials
  • Ensuring that all drive mappings on the client are gone
  • Ensuring that there are no saved credentials for the server
  • Mapping the drive directly from cmd using net use (which generates a The network path was not found error)

None of these has had any effect so far.

Here is a level 10 debug log taken from the server, as well as the smb.conf file

Edit 1

On a lark, I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux. From there, I can successfully use smbclient to browse the share. At this point, I believe the network can be eliminated as a cause.

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