I can't install window 10: 0x8007025D probem


I can't manage to install window 10 here is what happened in order.

First I tried to put my window 10 disk content on an USB key using this tutorial : Install Windows from a USB Flash Drive | Microsoft Docs

I then tried to install it but it failed at around 68%. It was either this error message.

Windows Cannot Install Required Files 0x8007025D or with the code 0xc0000005

I then tried the solution with Media Creation Tool with similar result, even if now it seem that it stop at 30%.

I made a test with memtest86 and it say that my ram is fine.

Now, I have tried the solution to unplug one of my 2 hard drive, with one hard drive I clean it using diskpart here what happen.

When I clean it the installation stop at 30% and this happen 0xc0000005 after that it create partition, and again this one at 30%.

Windows Cannot Install Required Files 0x8007025D

Keep in mind, my memtest find no problem and I have a perfectly legal window 10 copy.

Any Idea for this specific problem?

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Error 0x8007025D - 0x2000C This error occurs if the ISO file's metadata is corrupt.

Please Download another Windows 10 ISO again, and retry installing to Windows 10.

answered on Super User Mar 22, 2018 by Kattee Lee

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