Windows 10 cannot access WD EX2 Ultra Share, probably caused by windows update


In our office we have a handful of windows 10 PCs. Out of the box some of the PCs could access the shares on NAS and some couldn’t. I managed to get access working on the ones that couldn’t access it by reducing the SMB version on the NAS to 1.0. Then I was unable to access on my PC (which was previously working), getting an error saying the SMB 1.0 was not supported. I tried changing the SMB version to 2.0 on the NAS, then after rebooting my PC a windows update occurred and now am unable to connect from my PC for any SMB version and am now getting a generic error message “Windows cannot access \MyClouldEX2Ultra”, clicking on show details shows “Error code 0x80004005 unspecified error”.

Here is what I have tried.

  • Enabled NetBIOS over TCP
  • Checked network discovery was turned on
  • was able to ping the device by IP and by name
  • was not able to access share by IP or name
  • tried setting the NAS to SMB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
  • rebooted the PC rebooted the NAS
asked on Super User Mar 2, 2018 by Shane Mcpherson

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