Windows won't update, or install .NET framework, or run sfc /scannow


So, I've been trying a lot of things to get my computer to run a few programs that depend on C++ and the .NET framework. I tried to reinstall the .NET framework, but it failed, with the error message

catastrophic failure (0x8000FFFF)

Soon after, I realized that Windows was not updating at all; I tried a LOT to get it to update, but usually wound up with the same error code (0x8007007e).

I attempted a LOT of troubleshooting steps, but none of these seemed to help. My Windows Update log file is here.

I've tried to run sfc in safemode, and manually enabled trustedinstaller, but it still did not work, giving me the same error. I've also tried running DISM.exe, it loads to 100%, then gives me a message that says an error occurred and no changes were made.

PS: I would like to avoid reinstalling windows or any hardware changes at all costs.

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If you have a windows iso file just mount it and with the help of dism tool you can add .net framework without any errors.. just google on how to install windows features with an iso

answered on Super User Jan 27, 2018 by shravan sharma

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