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I have an internal disk with a brand new Windows 7 installation and another disk with a Win7 image backup I made before another drive croaked. I use a USB stick to boot into the recovery mode because the CDROM/DVD on the computer is dead.

When I boot from the USB and try a restore, I get a 0x80070057 error. I read some online posts that talked about regional settings and adding a registry entry. I couldn't do this to the USB, so I made them to the new Win7 installation and booted it into recovery.

The problem is that the recovery process wants to make a CD and the drive doesn't work so the restore keeps bombing.

Is there any way to do a Win7 restore and bypass this step to create a CD? It seems like I either (1) need to get a new CD/DVD drive or (2) figure out why the USB recovery is throwing the error?

asked on Super User Dec 30, 2017 by johnfaig

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Here is the conclusion to the saga. I applied the following solutions and the problem was solved. 1. I set decimal and added a registry key as per this webpage Windows backup is unable to start error 0x80070057 2. I requested this hotfix from Microsoft, but didn't need to use it ( 3. The key clue came from this post (Why do I get Error 0x80070057 - "The Parameter is Incorrect" when restoring from Windows Backup?). I am booting from a USB and so this is a drive with no backup files. I unplug it as per this post and the restore proceeded without error. 4. Success!

answered on Super User Dec 30, 2017 by johnfaig

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